About me

I am a compulsive traveler, having visited close to a 100 countries. I always loved photography and decided to re-start it a couple of years ago. I particularly enjoy portraits, be it in paintings (an area where I have absolutely no talent) or photography.

Beyond photography,  I work as Senior official for the European Union, where I try to contribute to the peaceful and prosperous unity of the European continent. 


My first book, 'People of Jerusalem', was published by Husson editions in April 2019 (http://www.husson-editeur.be/fr/catalog-detail/26825/people_of_jerusalem.html)

Some Ethiopian tribes photos were published in another book in September 2019:


In Dodho Magazine:

- https://www.dodho.com/in-the-heart-of-the-omo-valley-tribes-by-benjamin-angel/


- https://www.dodho.com/new-orleans-to-nashville-by-benjamin-angel/


June 2019. EJCC. Brussels

October 2019. Verhaeren Gallery. Brussels. 

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