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About me


I am a compulsive traveler, having visited close to a 100 countries. I always loved photography and decided to re-start it a couple of years ago. I particularly enjoy portraits, be it in paintings (an area where I have absolutely no talent) or photography.

Beyond photography,  I work as Senior official for the European Union, where I try to contribute to the peaceful and prosperous unity of the European continent. 


My first book, 'People of Jerusalem', was published by Husson editions in April



Some Ethiopian tribes photos were published in another book  ('Tranches de vie #2') in September 2019:

Some photos on US Jazz clubs were published in 'Tranches de vie #3' in April 2020:






In Dodho Magazine:




June 2019. EJCC. Brussels

October 2019. Verhaeren Gallery. Brussels. 

Best Portrait award 2023. Dodho Magazine.

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